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Drysdale Wheaten Chaff

Drysdale Wheaten Chaff

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Wheaten Chaff is very high in fibre, making it an excellent source of roughage for horses, cattle, sheep and goats. It is a great alternative feed for horses with a low oat tolerance.
As with all Drysdale Feeds, Wheaten Chaff is ideal for mixing with a concentrate feed.

The Plastic Film option is a great choice for horses with lower energy requirements, such as pleasure riding or where weight gain is a factor. It has little to no additional wheat added, unlike our Wheaten Chaff in the Traditional Woven bags where additional wheat is present.

Average Nutritional Constituents of Molasses (DM) basis:
Protein 3.1%
Calcium 0.17%
Phophorus 0.05%
Crude Fibre 38%
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