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KER All Phase

KER All Phase

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KER All-Phase – Fortified Horse Feed Balancer Pellet


A scientifically formulated, fully fortified horse gut health supplement designed to provide the optimal nutrition needed for equine growth, performance and general wellbeing.

KER All-Phase offers a robust combination of essential amino acids, vitamins, organic Zinpro Performance Minerals®, antioxidants including natural vitamin E, protein, and yeast culture in a convenient low-intake, low-calorie pellet.  

KER All-Phase as an immune support horse feed balancer pellet brought to you by Barastoc bringing the benefit of organic Zinpro Performance Minerals® , a great horse gut health supplement that may be beneficial in preventing gastric ulcers after ulcer treatment.    

What will KER AllPhase Horse Gut Health Supplement provide my horse?

  • Research has shown Zinpro Performance Minerals increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality and hoof health.

  • Studies on the use of Zinpro Performance Minerals in horses with gastric ulcers has suggested it benefits the prevention of gastric ulcers, especially in hot and humid conditions when horses are fed intermittently.

  • Designed as a concentrated source of essential nutrients, All-Phase can be used to balance diets of roughage, pasture and grain or horses on low-calorie diets.

  • All-Phase provides essential nutrition to assist in optimal growth, performance, general health and wellbeing.

  • Daily immune system supplement for performance, breeding, growing and spelling horses that provides essential nutrients and a balanced diet.

  • Supplements forage-only, home-mixed rations or premixed feeds that have been fed below the recommended feeding rates.

  • May be used as a supplement for horses prone to laminitis, developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD) or when feeding a horse with inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Supports optimum growth in young horses and assists in maximising fertility in breeding stock.

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