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ISO Lucerne Lovers (foil)

ISO Lucerne Lovers (foil)

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Inside Out Equine Health Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets contain ALL essential vitamins and minerals required to balance a diet as per NRC requirements. 


Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets were developed as there just wasn't a balanced option for horses that eat a lot of lucerne and beet pulp. Horses that eat a lot of lucerne and beet pulp need additional phosphorus in their diets to balance the large amount of calcium they get from the lucerne and beet pulp and therefore Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets contain added phosphorus to ensure your horse is receiving a balanced diet. 


Phosphorus is typically and unpalatable mineral and therefore Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets have been developed in a grain-free, tasty lucerne and lupin pellet to ensure even the fussiest horse will eat its minerals without any fuss.


Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets don't contain any added iron and contains balanced levels copper and zinc integral for inside out health.


Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets contain a FULL daily dose of biotin and a large dose of vitamin E so is perfect for horses with laminitis.


5 kilos of Lucerne Lovers Mineral Pellets will last a large horse 4 weeks ($2.10 per day).


For small horses the price decreases to around $1.40 (5 kilos).

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