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Hygain PAK Cell

Hygain PAK Cell

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Same trusted and proven formula in a great new look!

Hygain® Pak-Cell® is a blend of quality B-Group vitamins, essential amino acids and bio-chelated minerals for use in horses diets where additional supplementation of these nutrients is desired.

Heavily exercised horses, recovering from strenuous exercise, recovering from injury, recovering after antibiotic therapy. Horses fed an imbalanced diet. Older horses that have a reduced ability to produce and absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

It is formulated as a dietary supplement for performance horses and horses under stress that may benefit from additional supplementation of essential, minerals, B group vitamins and amino acids.

Contains Bioplex chelated trace minerals. These are minerals which are bound to an amino acid or amino acid chain using a chemical reaction. The chelation process protects the minerals from oxidative reactions within the horse’s stomach that may lead to other forms of inorganic mineral supplementation (oxides and sulphates) to become less absorbable or conflict with other nutrients which can cause gastric intestinal irritations.

The Bioplex chelates in Hygain® PAK-CELL® offer a more efficient and absorbable method of providing mineral supplementation. Contains Bioplex Chelated Iron, Copper and Cobalt that aid in the synthesis and the manufacture of blood haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is responsible for the transport of oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and is, therefore, a key component in the production of energy.

Bio-Chelated Iron is absorbed into the blood stream more readily and effectively than inorganic ferric salts. Also contains Bioplex Chelated Copper to maximise the incorporation of Iron in the structure of haemoglobin.

Additional Cobalt, as well as Folic Acid, are included into. Assist in the production of Vitamin B12, which in turn aids in the stimulation of appetite, metabolism and blood cell production. Contains quality essential amino acids that aid in the formation of proteins and enzymes.

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